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1. Pick a Name


Choose a name that suits your business from the extensive list of HomePages Domain Names.


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2. Tell Us About

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Once you've signed up, we'll ask you to fill in a form about your business, that we will use to add the relevant information to your website.


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3. Pay Only $100

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What you get...

1. A Domain Name...


A domain name is the name of your website.... like or


Unlike services like Facebook or Google Places, we provide you with a pre-registered, stand-alone domain name that is yours to use, to promote and to guide your current and new customers to.

Your domain name is as important to your business as your phone number... give it pride of place on your letterheads, your signage and your advertising.

2. A Website...


We build a website for you that is structured around the core business requirements that a visitor may wish to view when visiting any site on the internet.

Our format makes viewing this information easy, with easy to extract business information including:

  • Contact information; Business hours; Location; Business Summary; About Us information; and, Details of goods or services offered.


See a Homepages Business example by CLICKING HERE and HERE

3. Website Operation...


We host & manage the website, ensuring that visitors can access your information whenever they want to.


Your doors may close at night but the internet operates 24-7... meaning potential customers can get in touch at their convenience.

4. Monthly Edits...


Included in your service fee is the ability to update or change your information once per month. Use this opportunity to add monthly specials; news articles; product releases; clearance products; staff changes; or anything else you wish to add or change.

Of course, we are all about you being successful... so if you need to make an urgent change, at other times, we will ensure your needs are met.

5. Website Optimization...


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the latest "science" of the Internet Age. In brief, SEO is about building & maintaining your website in such a way that it is given as much priority as possible when someone uses a search engine, like Google, to find the specific goods or services that you offer.


There are literally thousands of different views and recommendations when it comes to SEO but there are a few essentials that are commonly agreed upon, like the use of keywords, the website structure, and the "readability" of your site to search engines.

6. Google Places Listing


As technology & technology devices evolve, people are increasingly relying on accessing the internet whilst they are mobile. SmartPhones (like the iPhone) and Tablets (like the iPad) have been integrated into daily life and their owners would sooner give up their homes than their device.


It's no surprise then, that we are seeing an unprecedented growth in the demand for information whilst people are mobile. In business, this is generally taking the form of a search for a local business or service... and the dominant provider of this information (by a country mile) is Google Places.

7. Website Name Central Email Address


When people send your business an email, nothing raises questions of professionalism or doubts of capability more than a Hotmail or Gmail email address for your business. Bigpond, Optusnet, and other network-based email addresses are better, but not by much. Potential (& current) customers expect the business they are dealing with to have their own domain name email.


We offer a centralised email address, using your website name (for example,, that will redirect any emails to your current email address.


As an optional extra, we can provide multiple email addresses using your website name, including email hosting and a (webmail) email interface, that allow you to send and receive emails for multiple parts of your business or individuals within your business, all with your domain name email addresses. (Cost: $99 +GST annual license fee + $11 per month service fee)

8. Be Part of a Small Business Network


Business today is tough enough, but going it alone has its own set of challenges. Google search places significant emphasis on active & utilsed links coming into your website.


By forming a network of small businesses, we are helping to overcome that challenge by providing active links to your site from all HomePages sites, providing you with greater exposure and an opportunity to receive new customers coming from other Homepages websites.

9. Option to Buy - Loyalty Bonus


Given that Homepages is effectively acting as a facilitator of business for your company, by managing & maintaining your online business, we hold the license for HomePages domain names, and pay the applicable fees and charges. HOWEVER, we offer a massive Loyalty Bonus. After 36 months of continuous service, we will agree to sell to you, for a one-off fee of $999 (+GST) the full rights and registration ownership of that domain name. You then have the option to continue using it as before, completely revamp the site, or could potentially sell it as part of your business or as a seperate business.


There is little doubt that a significant part of the value of a website is in the domain name itself. The value of that name is based on a number of factors including a. The relevance of the name to the business; b. The Length of the name; and, c. The memorability of the name. In selecting appropriate domain names for industry sectors, Homepages ensures that all of these factors are addressed.

10. No Surprises


1. Our monthly fees are fixed at the time of sign-on. That means, we will not increase our fees within the first 12 months of your joining.


2. We do reserve the right to adjust our fees as inflation and costs increase HOWEVER;


3. We guarantee never to increase fees by more than 10% on the previous year, and we guarantee to hold these fees for 12 months.

For example, based on the current standard fee structure, if you came on board today, you would pay $100 per month for the first 12 months, you would pay a maximum of $110 per month for the second 12 months; and, a maximum of $121 per month for the third 12 months.